Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To Say It Like "Uncle Dave" - Better Than I Deserve

Ok, so I have missed 3 Thankfulness posts. Why? Am I not thankful for the blessings I have received?

No, that is not it at all. On the contrary, I have become overwhelmed. I simply could not put into words all the thoughts that have been rushing through my head.

So here is a recap of my weekend. Hopefully, you will understand.

I Am Thankful For Traveling Mercies
After traveling for only a few hours I was reminded of all the long road trips we have taken during our married life. We live in lower Alabama and my husbands family lives in Northern Illinois. Yes, we take several road trips, sometimes more than once a year. In the nearly 18 years we have been married, we have only had two incidents while traveling, both were transmission or engine related.

Why does this just blow my mind. Because of stories like this one. His life was forever changed because of a short drive to church. I also have personal friends whose daughter was killed in a car wreck while on her way to Wednesday night Bible study. Long trips just give me time to ponder my own life and blessings.

I Am Thankful To Be Mom and Teacher

Homeschooling, like any other decision in life, has it's pros and cons. The cons are numerous. That list includes things like...I never get vacation days, I don't get a paycheck or financial benifits, I am often exhausted, My job starts when my feet hit the floor and does not end until everyone is tucked away and the last of the dishes are done for the evening. The pros also are numerous. Some of my favorites are...I have been there everytime my children learned something new, My children share their deepest thoughts with me and value(although not always) my opinion...and then, there is this one, our first graduating senior. It's moments like this one, that make me step back and say, "You know what? It was all worth it!"

I Am Thankful For My Home and For My Husband's Job

On our way home from Kentucky(we were visiting B's college of choice) we stopped in Atlanta. Our plan was to visit Passion City Church before heading home. Now, our GPS system was stolen out of our van way back in June and our Georgia map was not a very good one, so we got "turned around" in down town Atlanta. We decided instead of driving around looking for "the right road" we would just get back on the interstate and go to the church using the directions we knew were right.

Long story short, while passing through the heart of Atlanta, we passed beautiful old buildings and landmarks of every kind...but we also passed...women and children with bed rolls under their arms and looks of hunger and lonelienss on their faces. On one city block, there were men just beginning to stir and wake up. They had spent the night on the sidewalk ledge surrounding stone building with definite Greek inspired architecture. The stark contrast of the wealth of the building and the need of the homeless men who slept in its shadows left a lasting impression on my mind.
These men have nothing but the clothes on their backs and the few belongings they have stuffed into trash bags on who knows how many nights to use as pillows.

Now contrast that with my situation.
We have a gorgeous home that we bought for a bargain, yet I often complain because, this or that repair needs to be made or because the rooms need to be painted or the girls room needs to be built. On the nights that we are not at home, we are able to get nice cushy hotel rooms that are even better than the rooms we sleep in at home. REALLY?!? Is this all I have to complain about? How about some thankfulness.

I also was forced to think about our income. My husband has lost a lot of hours at his local job. Yes, even at a hospital, cost cutting measures are being taken to ensure that the "company" can keep its head above water. So, my sweet husband has taken a second job to supplement the hours he is missing from his local position. His second job often requires that he stay overnight or even for several days, out of towm. We miss him like crazy. But Really?!? I complain about this? I am reminded of many of our friends and acquaintances who have comepletely lost their jobs or who can not find a job, and yet, Mark has been able to get two part time jobs to provide a home and food and clothing and yes, even extras for us.

So You See Why I Am Overwhelmed

When I started counting my blessings, I began to realize that I have more blessings than I can count.

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