Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankfulness Day 17

We try everyday to have quiet times together and during those quiet times we share thing that we are thankful for - only we call them praises. So today, just to be different, I will share the things that we wrote in our journal AND in the order in which we wrote them.

~ Linny's Birthday - We've never met them but we have grown to love this family.
~ Even's Job Interview/Internship - Even is the fiance of a friend of ours.
~ Our first house - We are in the process of starting paperwork for it's sell.
~ Winter Teen Camp - The three oldest are going to a three day retreat with our youth group and we found out today that nearly all of the funds have been raised for each of them to go. YAY!
~ Trees Changing Colors - Especially the one in our front yard.
~ Almost Christmas Break - Yep, even homeschoolers count down the days until school lets out for a bit.
~ My children
~ Disney Movies - We pulled out Sleeping Beauty this week and enjoyed watching it together while sharing hot kettle corn.
~CBC - Our church

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