Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankfulness Day 12

Friday morning my husband, Brooke and I drove roughly 9 hours away from our home to visit a wonderful little college in Kentucky. Our Brooke believes she has found her college. My husband and I believe she is right.

Today, I am thankful for travel mercies and for this small college tucked away in a sleepy little town.
Bis thankful for next year's football season - her Auburn Tigers aren't doing so well.
K is thankful for friends. She and a few of her best friends are attending a concert tonight.
D is thankful for the days that he feels good. Poor thing has the typical stuffy nose and headache that accompanies peanut season.
C is thankful for parades. Today is the closing of our county fair so my parents took the kids to the parade.

Good Times!!!
We are so blessed.

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