Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness Day 11

Today, our thankfulness list is long. I would like to thank...

Billy Y (Grandfather)
Brandon W
Chris B
Corley F
Eric P
Everett L
Frank M
James D
Jeremiah F
Jim D
Joe F
John C
John M (Close friend killed in action)
Joseph H
Josh B
Justin F
Justin Y (Cousin killed in action)
Kathy R
Kris N
Mark B
Matthew G
Mike M
Mike R
Mike E
Orey H (Cousin currently serving overseas)
Richard C
Robert O (Uncle served in Vietnam)
Roger E
Ron B
Shawn H
Travis J
Trey S
Will B

Today, we are thankful for our military, both past and current. We are thankful to their families who sacrifice their time with their loved ones as they serve our country.

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