Thursday, August 18, 2011

Handmade..but not by me!

I am sure I am not the only person who looks at handmade items and says, "Hm, I could just make that myself."

Truth be told, in most cases we probably could; but, how often do we actually go home and make them? For me, rarely ever, UNLESS it is for someone else. Now, I will sit and sew for my children, my parents, my friends and gift away my creations all day;but to go home and make something nice for myself? That Ain't Gonna Happen.

So when I realized a few months ago that my pincushion was leaking sand I knew it was time to make a new one. I searched Etsy and found so many pincushions that I loved ...but did I make one for myself...NO.

I did, however, purchase a couple. What? Don't judge me. You haven't heard the whole story yet! I think I will have a pincushion collection.

No, no I can't, but after searching Etsy and seeing all the lovely pincushions, I can see that it would be easy to become obsessive and collect myself out of living space.

So instead, I will shew you what I did purchase and I will be a good little Mama and just look at the others and dream of having them.

The first is this gorgeous little flower pincushion. It is attached to a cotton jersey band that closes with Velcro and can be worn on my wrist. This is very important when I am sewing clothing and altering items. I have been putting my pins right in my shirt front and sadly have left a couple of them in the shirt only to discover them AFTER they had been laundered. The result was not pretty!

When this pincushion arrived, I found it to be even more beautiful than the pictures. The beadwork and the sweet little butterfly are what got my attention. Thank you Nispero Designs

The second pincushion is actually a pincushion and a thread catcher, and I must say,"I am really enjoying this one." Before, I was throwing my threads and fabric shavings in my son's waste basket from his room. It was fine for me, but his room was beginning to look like a dysfunctional office cubical with wadded papers everywhere because I almost always had his wastebasket at my workstation.
These little pincushion/thread catcher combos are perfect and I am so thrilled with mine; and so is my son.
Thanks Sew Southern Quilts

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