Monday, August 8, 2011

Seasons, A Letter To My Daughter

I love the changing seasons of nature. Spring time brings forth new life. The grass is green. Baby birds chirp outside my window. The crisp air of winter turns to a cool breeze and the sun begins to caress our now bare shoulders.

Summer bares down hard on us with her heat and forces us to stay inside and enjoy each others company. The beaches call out to us to observe and enjoy the crashing waves and the cool of the water as it rushes over us.

Then along comes fall. The leaves begin to change colors, as their inner working begin to slow down. Woodland animals begin to store up food and look for comfy burrows and caves in which to hibernate. Winter is on it's way.

And with winter comes the cold. Nature shuts down to rest. The cold fierce winds blow and haunt. The snow covers the ground and our eyes see only the white reflecting the sun. Bitter cold engulfs us and our finger become numb but underneath the blanket of ice and life.

The seasons change and each season has it's own purpose. Some seasons are more easy to enjoy than others but all are necessary to sustain life.

So our lives, also have seasons. We enter life in the spring time. Every thing is new and wonderful. We look upon the world with wonder and excitement. We learn about everything in the world and celebrate the genius of our creator.

Then sometime in our late teens and early twenties we transition into summer. Our world expands and we see the vast opportunities that lurk on every horizon. We begin to feel the tides of adult life with its new found responsibilities that roll out upon us like waves of the sea. The pressure to move into the person we will grow up to be, burns upon us like the heat of the sun. We grow like a tree. We change. We make something of ourselves. We experience the world like never before. We are strong and unstoppable. The whole world is our ocean.

Summer... It is full upon you our oldest. Our Brooke. I hope you know that your dad and I will wade out into the waters as far as you want us to go. We will hold the raft for you when you feel like you are drowning in the circumstances of life. We will gladly push your little vessel out into the depths, when you are ready, without trying to hold onto the anchor.

We will stand on the shore tall like a lighthouse. Although we will not be physically with you, everywhere you go you will see our light. The things you have learned from us will go before you to guide you. You will navigate well and when the seas are rough to you, it is on that same shore that you will find us, ready...watching...waiting...

We love you,
Mom and Dad

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