Friday, April 22, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To

I have really stepped back from blogging and Facebook and Twitter and even my Etsy teams for several weeks now. I just needed a break. As it turns out, I had several things to keep me busy during my “break” not the least of which is homeschooling. I’m not sure why but this time of year the lessons are longer and more difficult and my children need me so much more. That’s just fine with me! All of this is indication to me that summer is just around the corner.


So what have I done with my free time? Along with completing several custom orders, the largest of which was 150 luggage tags for a June wedding,  I was decorator and director for a wedding on March 26. I also have had the awesome opportunity to help decorate for a wedding that is coming in August. We met at the home of the proud parents of the bride to make bouquets then the brides mom came to my house to make boutonnieres and corsages. Wanna sneak peak?


                                                   (Boutonnieres for the gentlemen)



                (Corsage for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom)


   (Corsages and boutonnieres for the grandmothers, grandfathers, and helpers)

Lovely aren’t they? Did you notice all the burlap? GORGEOUS and sinkin’ genius if you ask me! But you didn’t so I am telling you anyway.

The burlap flowers were joint collaborative between myself , the mother of the bride and my mom.  The original idea was built off of this tutorial on The Tidy Nest. We used her basic flower shape  and added our own twist (and a little white netting, wire, ribbon, greenery, and floral tape). I think they turned out nicely.

There’s much more but I must stop before your eyes glaze over with boredom. Needless to say, I’ve been up to a lot – maybe too much because now I am sick from exhaustion and running fever. So much for taking a break.

Will I ever learn?



Tanya said...

Wow! Those are beautiful!

Sonja said...

Thank You. I have really enjoyed working on all the wedding details. Very Exciting times!

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