Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Sparkle In My Eye (a product review)

Recently, I joined an online program called BuzzAgent.  I get free products in return for giving my personal opinion, and like every other girl in this world, I've got an opinion!

A few weeks ago I received a package from BzzAgent containing this gorgeous eye shadow by L'Oreal called The One Sweep Eye Shadow. Wow "ONE SWEEP"?!? That would be super fast and, as a busy mother of four, I need super fast.

As it turns out, I never could get the "One Sweep" wand to work correctly. The colors came out patchy, at best and was a little disappointing. I did end up buying disposable applicators and using the eye shadow anyway because it is a fantastic trio of colors. I was just not happy with the "One Sweep" wand that was included.

The second, and my favorite, item in the package was the Double Extend mascara by L'Oreal. I honestly was more skeptical of this than I was the eye shadow, at first.

This mascara has two functions. First I used the Step 1  mascara which I found to be really creamy and did not clump at all. I did not even need to apply two coats.  It was beautiful. The second step is the "Eye Illuminator".  When I first opened the illuminator I was a bit shocked. My thought was, at 36 I really do not need sparkles on my eyes. But I was attending a wedding and thought I would try it out.  Surprisingly enough, the sparkle was subtle and very beautiful.

When I returned home my 15 year old daughter stopped mid sentence and said,"Mom, you have sparkles on your eyes. It's kind of distracting. I like it!" Indeed she did because Sunday morning when the family dressed for church, she too had "sparkle" on her eyes!

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