Monday, April 18, 2011

Peeling My Potato Skins

Today was a type of torture celebration for me. It was an informal ceremony so tennis shoes and comfy walking attire were appropriate. I did accessorize, but only just a little - a single stop watch. There was a strict program to follow. It was an odd sort of program with only a list of times, followed by such strange words as warm up, run, cool down, walk, run, walk....

First began the music. A low whirring sound soon mingled with slow methodical rhythms. The whirring sound became more hectic not at all melodic and the rhythms came at closer pounding intervals. My right calf muscle complained to me, "What are we doing here? Why are you punishing me?" My entire body joined in the chorus. "We are not ready." But it was too late, the music had begun and the program would not allow for deviation. The plan was well laid out. It must go on.

The music stopped but my heart still raced. I needed a drink of water!!! Again!!!

When , finally, the program was ended,  I collapsed into my chair. I was tempted to see if it was all gone - that unsightly Couch Potato Skin that I have been wearing since - well a long time ago; but I know it will take a long time to completely “peel” it all away.

So patiently I will continue.


Until one day, I will be able to wear the skinny girl look again.(only an older version of course!)

If I live to tell about it As the weeks march on, I hope to report my progress . My weight, my calorie counting, and my workouts will be carefully occasionally logged and updated. Confessions will abound, I am sure. After letting my life get super busy with a husband, a home, and four children, I am realizing that I need to take care of myself a little better.  So here goes!

Want to shed your couch potato skins and show off the skinny self that is buried somewhere within? The program is called C25K – or Couch – to – 5K.


Nicole said...

Uh...5k?! I would just like to walk a mile on flat track and not have my calves burn!

Very Verdant said...

Yeah, I am in week one so my total running time was actually only 10 minutes. The whole program covers nine weeks. I am having a hard time picturing myself running 5k in just 9 weeks...we'll see.

NotaSupermom said...

Good job! My husband takes me for a drag every night. 45 solid minutes!

Very Verdant said...

45 Minutes?!? Good Gravy!!! I could not make it that long if I wanted to(which I do want to just not right now because, well, I would die!).

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