Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Eat a Birthday Cake

This is it...all that is left of TWO sheet cakes. As you can see these were no ordinary birthday cakes.

For a few years I made all the birthday cakes in this house. They were time consuming and beautiful too. But when our third child was born and it came time for birthdays 5 months later - my time had been greatly depleted, as had my energy level. I asked our oldest daughter, "How would you like to order a cake this year?"

She immediately said, "Dairy Queen has ice cream cakes. If you get one of those then you have everything all together."

I had to laugh because she really does not like cake and usually only had ice cream anyway.

Thus, the tradition started. Most birthdays at our house now involve ice cream cakes.

This morning my children were sharing cake eating strategy with me...Yes, there is such a thing.

C:"Mom, I cut the vanilla off, then I cut off the chocolate layer. Then after I eat all that, I eat the chocolate syrup and cookie center ALL BY ITSELF. It's Soooooo Good!!!"

Sounds nutritious right?!?

D:"Yeah, well I scrape off the cool whip frosting and eat that first then I just dig in and just gobble up the rest of it."

Hm, I love birthdays and my crazy kids.


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MonsterBug Blankets said...

hahaha--tell them if they end up working for DQ--they can layer the cakes however they want! Or just put some IC into a cup, add tons of the fudge and cookie stuff on top, then another layer--or not! (I used to make cakes at DQ--yum!)

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