Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Week of Finals

Just for kicks, here are a few things I learned.

1. Dishes still do not wash themselves nor do the clothes hang themselves to dry.
2. Yes, I can get more exhausted than I feel today.
3. My husband is superman. Sorry girls but I got the real thing!
4. My teenage daughters could run my house without any help from me. (Little side note here: They would hate it, but they could do it.)
5. There are some books that are better when you buy them used. (My Physical Science book set us back $175 ... and I never once used it! Thanks Dr. A!)
6. My 15 year old is too big to sit in my lap and I love hugs!(OK, technically that's two things but don't you think they fit nicely together?)
7. If I need to study, my 11 year old and 8 year old would be happy to watch cartoons all day.
8. The freshman 10 has nothing to do with having total 24hour access to cafeteria food and has everything to do with the added stress of studying and keeping up with life and a full class schedule - stressful.
9. My mom is awesome!!! She has helped out in the evenings when my kids have had swim practice and my superman husband had to stay late at the hospital.
10. No one sells caffeine in IV bags and doctors will not prescribe it for you.

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