Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gifts for the Graduate (a second installment)

When purchasing gifts for graduates, it is often helpful to consider the pastime and near future of that graduate. For instance, does he or she like to write songs or sketch the world around them? Is the graduate going to attend college in the fall? If so, maybe you would consider buying a journal or handmade study aides as a graduation gift. These make great gifts for the songwriter or poet, for the artist, or for those who are habitual note takers(We have a couple in this family!)

My first choice of journals would be one from Lapaperie. Her work is exquisite! My favorite of all her journals are the ones with quotes from famous people, like this one which features a quote by Charles Dickens. One will soon find that these journals are great inspirations in and of themselves.

Space Dog Studios carries sketchbooks and recycled pages journals but my favorite items from her shop are these bookmark books. These wonderful bookmarks not only mark your place but also hold your notes so there is no need to fill your hands with books and notebooks and pens and...

Finally, Zany Hoopla has a variety of handmade paper goods like journals and notebooks but she also makes these great "jotters". I think they would be wonderful gifts for graduates who will be going to college. The metal rings can be attached to a back pack or an ID lanyard or even you key ring for on the go studies.


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Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I've missed my fellow etsy-ers.

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