Thursday, April 16, 2009

Re-painting and Re-decorating

The painting part of our bathroom remake is done. I am off today to buy a shower curtain rod and a shower curtain. Yeah!!! "How do such tiny projects manage to take so long?" In answer to my own question," You try teaching four children (four different grades mind you), cleaning, providing healthy meals, loving a husband when he gets home and sewing as a side business because you're not busy enough and see how many "Tiny Projects" you get done. My life is so miserably - wonderful! I would not trade any of this for all the riches in the world. I am so blessed!
So, an entire week and six days later, our bathroom is painted. Honestly all that I had to do was supervise. My husband and children did pretty much everything I asked. Grant it, the paint is not perfect in some areas but the kids even did most of the painting. WhooHoo for having teenagers!!!!
On the homeschooling side of our lives, I am happy to report that there are 19 days left in our required 180. We always start school around July fourth to allow for interruptions that inevitably happen. At this time of year we are all always glad that we started early and finish early. After all, we get the beaches to ourselves next month while everyone else is in school.
Speaking of school, I should get our day started.


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