Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Big/Little Day

Today was one of those days of BIGs and Littles.

BIG - in that I took the oldest to get allergy shots, and run errands for finishing
up my "new" bathroom. (Getting out of the house in the middle of our school day
causes a lot of comotion and always makes us tired.)
BIG - in that I made my first sale on
BIG - in that my youngest (7yr old) finished her first book in the Little House in
the Big Woods series.
Little - in that the first part of the day was spent going slowly through the normal
routine and enjoying the kiddos
Little - in that now the laundry is hanging to dry and the dog is barking happily in
the back yardLittle - in that I cracked the door to my bedroom to hear the
chldren practice their piano lessons.

Maybe it wasn't so BIG/little after all. Maybe the things that felt Big where actually Little and the things that felt Little really are the BIG things.

Maybe...sometimes BIG/little are one in the same!


1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I agree! Sometimes, in the midst of it all, it's hard to tell isn't it?!

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