Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Little This and That

Well, I've done it! I've moved. I have been hearing so much about 1000 Markets that I decided to give it a try. I now have this shop and my Etsy shop opened and am really enjoying the new home. Funny thing - Business has been very slow for the past couple months. Then I opened the new shop and I have had three on line sales from Etsy plus three custom orders from friends and family, all in the last two weeks. So we will see how things go.

On a different note, I am repainting the bathroom. YAY!!! The husband surprised me and took me to Lowe's.
"Why don't you pick out paint for the bathroom?"
"Right Now?"
"Yeah, you've said a couple times that you want to repaint the bathroom so - pick out a color. We'll take it home."

Now, understand, repainting means redecorating. Right? I have chosen to use Turquoise Sea (Lowe's Seaside Retreat Collection - sr1109). The shower curtain will be white and beautiful but the thing I am most excited about is the storage projects. I will have to show pictures when I am done. Hopefully that will be soon because this project is keeping me up at night. I am so excited.

Oh, I am going for a retro/modern look here so I am making a couple pieces for the walls using a great fabric by moda and will be doing "something with towels". Too many ideas.



Lady Farmer said...

It's always fun to do a little 'redecorating' isn't it.
I get that same feeling while I'm spring cleaning and reorganinzing that same stuff. New look, new feel!
Did you ever post on the apron from my giveaway? I would like to see it if you did. Let me know.
Blessings on you new shop!

Cheryl said...

first I've heard of 1000 Markets, will have to check that out.

have fun with the redo! and yes, please post pics!

SeaBird said...

I've been considering opening a shop at 1000 Markets.... how does it compare to Etsy in terms of ease of use and visibility?

Very Verdant said... shop at 1000markets is much easier to upload to. The first couple weeks was a little nerve wracking because each store must be approved before going public. There is nolisting or relisting fee. You only pay that when you actually make a sale. ;')As for exposure, everyshop and every item gets exposure. Not like Etsy where you have to keep yourself visible. The one complaint that I have is this, 1000markets uses Amazon payments and does not use Paypal.
Hope this helps!

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