Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Free Day

Aren't these guys the cutest! I can not say enough about this place. John G Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is said to be the second largest aquarium in the world. We were fortunate enough to be able to catch a free day during our visit. The place was packed and the oceanarium was under construction but we still spent 4 hours here. The children Oohed and Aah-ed over turtles, lizards, jellyfish, sharks...
It was so much fun watching the children(even the oldest) stand and watch the animals then scramble off to the next window to see what was inside. I enjoyed so much seeing their wide eyed wonder at God's creation. Up until this point Mark and I had guided the children through all the museums and sites but on this day I followed the children around. They were free to look and watch then move on when they were ready. To be honest, I enjoyed watching them as much as I enjoyed the vast array of wildlife. Children truly are a blessing.

Oh, and here is something we do not see everyday at home. Lake Michigan was still mostly frozen over and covered with snow. Our youngest was insisting that I get a picture of the frozen lake. It really was beautiful and quite cold. Low and mid 20s are not for me.


PS, This post note is for all you fellow homeschoolers out there. Before taking this trip we completed a lapbook about Shedd Aquarium. I believe this really enhanced our visit because the children each knew exactly what they wanted to see and it added to their excitement when the found animals and could say, "Hey Mom, we studied about this in Science."

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Cheryl said...

I didn't hear about lapbooks until after my guys were too old for them. I was SO disappointed... what an awesome idea they are!

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