Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Days in Chicago

Yes, Free!!! Cheap is good, free is better. After having visited Washington DC, Gettysburg, Hersey Chocolate World and Lancaster County all for free admission, we were a little bit spoiled. But no worries, my wonderful husband did an Internet search and found a few places that were offering free admission during our stay with family in the suburbs of Chicago.

Stop #1 was The Field Museum,home of Sue the most complete dinosaur to date. Our favorite section of this museum was the fossils room. It is filled with woolly mammoth and dinosaur fossils of all shapes and sizes.

We also saw mummies, which scared the junk out of our son, and ancient jewelry that was amazing works of art, and wonderful displays of animals and cultures from around the world.

When we first arrived we were each given a stamp on our hand and later we found this guy...he was the person pictured on our stamps. We had looked for him all day but did not find him until just as we were leaving.

I have to tell you the air was so much colder than the air at home in Alabama. I was happy that we had parked across the street below Soldier Field because most of our walk back to our van was sheltered from the wind.

That's enough for one day,


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