Saturday, January 10, 2009

Better Than My Day Dreams

Our school day was well ended. All books were put away. Our two oldest were off to basketball practice and the younger two were finally free to go outside and play. I was left alone, in my very own kitchen to enjoy the next few minutes of my life in unhurried peace; but no, that was not to happen!

I settled into my chair with a steaming hot cup of tea and projects laid out on the table so I could ponder which ones I would complete next. I stared and stared waiting for inspiration like a ninth grader staring at a blank book report form. I knew I needed to start work but I also knew that somewhere there was a more interesting way to spend my time. Somewhere in my tiny house there had to be something I would just love to be doing right now...somewhere...somewhere...

Just as my daydreaming began the back door, which also happens to be just under four feet away from my warm cup of tea and my quiet repose, slams open and the very excited voice of my six year old comes bounding into my "Once upon a time" and obliterated my "Happily Ever After". Without thinking to sweep up the pieces of the broken daydream, I turned my full attention to the beautiful red cheeked face that was spouting out very excited tones. Ah, these were words...and so I listened.

"Mom, where is Dad! I have to tell him, he needs to know! Never Mind I'll go find him!"

I obviously was not answering her quickly fired questions fast enough, so I had to catch her by the hem of her skirt as she began to run away to find her wonderful, exhausted Daddy!

"Whoa, sweety, Dad is taking a little nap. He is so tired from being called in." At this the red cheeked face put on a little pout.

"But Mom, I've Got to tell him!"

"OK, you can tell him when he gets up, but could you just tell me now. I'd like to know!"

The red cheeked face again smiles, and the animation came back, since just moments ago it had slipped away under the table to join the cold draft let in by the open back door.

"Mommy, you won't believe it! It's in our back yard! It's happening right here in our back yard!"

The confusion on my face was obviously not the response she wanted, so she explained further.

"Evaporation?!?" ~PAUSE~ She was waiting for me to be just as excited. I knew that but I was still not getting it and she knew because she explained still further. "Our little pond?!? The sun?!? The clouds?!? ... It's in our back yard!!!"

I am not sure what else she said because she hugged me tight and ran back outside to "watch for evaporation". My happily ever after was not broken after all just interrupted long enough to add to the happy and right then I wanted to keep that moment forever after.


This better than a day dream moment would not have been possible had it not been for the fact that I am able to be home with my children and be their "teacher". The younger two and I are currently studying Snow as part of our Science. We hope to finally get to see some during our travels in February. We are using a lapbook study called What is Snow that we purchased from CurrClick, a great little online store that sales downloadable e-books for homeschool.


Simply Sarah's said...

I love this post! So true about how our imagination runs free to be brought down to earth by our children! What a joy it is to have the priveledge to teach our kids!

lrohler said...

Oh what a great thing to have interrupt you! It's times like this that you have to remember when you think they just aren't learning anything.

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