Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Wedding Day Request

I recently...actually it's been three weeks...was asked if I would consider doing a custom order for a wedding. Luggage tags as gifts to the guests! What a great idea. I asked if I could take the first week because my sister was here, the second week because I want to use the "perfect fabrics", the third week I have gotten something like the flu. I know it's not flu because I do not ache all over but this has definitely been a "stay in bed as much as possible" kind of sickness. But now I am well and someone is getting married!! I love weddings!

This one is in September so really there is no big hurry but I would love to have things done early because their are so many "last minute" worries that go into weddings. I do not want these luggage tags to be a stress to the beautiful bride.

Here are the fabrics and ribbon, I have chosen. Now am waiting approval.



Mrs. Simonsays said...

Hmm, that sounds like a fun challenge!

graceling said...

They look fantastic! Can't wait to see and touch them!


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