Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trenia D Coleman

Today was day two of what could be a long week at the local PX. Monster Bug Blankets and I have set up at a few vendor tables on the other side of the food court and were hoping to sell everything in this one week. Our goal was not so much to make gobs of money to spend on small personal purchases, but to have another excuse to go traipsing around our little area and scoping out the inter net in search of great deals and fabulous new fabrics with which to make all the new creations that are clogging our minds just waiting to be brought out and materialized.

So you are probably thinking this whole blog is one large complaint? Enh!!!Wrong!! I have had such a wonderful time meeting new people. So many different people and personalities have stopped by our tables, many of them just to chat, some to Ooh and Aah over our goodies, others just to ask, "Did you two make all this stuff yourself?". There was this man who asked me why I was not in school. How funny is that? I told him I would soon be 34 and had 4 children, the oldest two being 13. He replied,"Naw, your not old enough to be married much less have four children." Then he stayed and gabbed on and on. Then there was this little old lady who looked through all Monster Bug blankets...and asked, "Are these hand towels?" "No mam, (yes I am southern through and through) those are baby blankets. My friend Jennifer makes all kinds of beautiful baby items and I have items for school aged children and teens. We have not yet ventured into home accessories and such." "Oh," she replied "I would really like a set of pink tea towels." She was so cute and sweet. I would have loved for her to stay around and tell me about herself. That would have been a nice visit. Of course there were guys in camo going in and out all day, I am seeing digital designs in regular vision and only hope this is not a permanent thing. There were also a lot of sweet children who just loved having the opportunity to color at our table while moms looked and wished for different things and promised to, "...come back later..."

All of these people were nice to meet and interesting to watch but I wanted to tell you all about another person who set up a vendor table. She was a petite beautiful young woman who came in quietly and filled her table with books,and fliers all arranged neatly and professionally around a silver flower vase with cut flowers. She had no sign with her name on it or a business logo to catch every ones eye. She did what I have done both days and sat quietly waiting then speaking with those people that stopped by her table. The difference between her and myself is the way she carried herself. She sat poised and patient and I often noticed her with a book of sorts in her hand looking very contemplative. I sat in my chair across the way smiling awkwardly at all passers by and doing my best to keep my hands busy hoping that as I left my crazy world called home that I had gotten my hair and makeup adjusted in a presentable manner. She was calm and collected.
Today I finally had the nerve to walk over and ask her "what she was doing with her booth" I think I introduced myself first I do not recall. I enjoy being around people but I am just not the type to walk up to someone and start a conversation. As it turns out her name was Trenia D Coleman and she is an author. She told me that she had written two novels LOVE HAPPENS and MIRROR IMAGE. "And I am working on my third novel right now." This she said as she ever so gently touched the notebook that she had been holding in her lap before I walked over and interrupted her thoughts.

Trenia was very nice and was easy to have conversation with and I soon found out that she is traveling and promoting her book and is married with two children and she is serving in the United States Army. WOW!!! How does she do it? I was so impressed with her and happy that I finally got up the nerve to go ask her what type business she had because she left our area at 3:30 to go promote her book at another military base. I could have missed out on the opportunity to meet a really great and inspirational woman.

Trenias' books are available at $19.95


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