Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Very Blessed

Last night around 6:00 our 12 year old began complaining of pain. I did not think much of it until she began getting really quiet and turning pale. On the way from my mom's house to ours I noticed she was crying a little...highly unusual for her. 7:15 We arrived home and she soon informed me that she was passing "clumps of blood". My Dear Husband took the other three children to my mom's house while I took our 12 year old to the emergency room.

The drive there was quiet because my child was in pain and I could do nothing about it and, on top of that, my mind was conjuring up all kinds of case scenarios. Dear Daughter was quiet because she was losing blood and getting tired. When we finally arrived at the hospital she was no longer passing only clots, it was pure blood and she began to become a little concerned. We talked about some of the possibilities and she informed me that what ever God chose for her was OK. It would be alright.

After several hours in the emergency room she was diagnosed with UTI for which she received a shot in the rump, 2 weeks antibiotic, 4 days pain medicine, strict instructions for drinking "way lots of water", and orders to avoid swim practice for 2 weeks (She is on a local competitive swim team).

Now, the day after, I can not help but think about all the parents that did not get such good reports. The parents whose children even now are undergoing surgeries, chemotherapy and other treatments. I have hugged all my children more today, kissed my husband, of 14 years, before he went to work and demanded that he understand that I love him so much, and I hugged my parents and told them how much they mean to me.

I am happy to say that our daughter, while still pale and passing blood, rested well last night, in fact she is napping right now. Life is so fragile and so uncertain and I am happy for the chance to count my blessings and am more careful today to pray for those less fortunate. My heart goes out to the Mom's I know who are struggling with children who have severe illnesses and Mom's I know who have lost children to death. I pray that God would give them His comfort and peace especially during the Christmas holidays and I pray He will not let me forget how very blessed I really am.

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