Friday, December 28, 2007

Camera Trouble

Since starting this blog and Very Verdant , I have had so many creations I have wanted to share but.... when I took pictures of my new creations they did not look at all glorious. I was so disappointed. I have been able to sale everything I have made to local customers and friends but I have yet to begin on-line sales because I can not get good pictures. How frustrating!

I am using a great little video camera with photo options. It saves all videos and photos to a mini-DVD and has served its purpose well - until now. Now that color matters so much I am ...frustrated... Yes, I am using the only kind word that I can come up with so bear with me.

So now that I have again saved a little money I am going to be spending it on a new camera instead of the beautiful fabric I was so looking forward to using for the skirts and pajamas I will be offering on my web site. I know this is a temporary set back but sometimes (often actually) I want what I want, and I want it now.

Uh oh, I sound like my children at three. I guess some things never change. So thanks for listening to my temper tantrum and I will go sit in my little corner now.
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