Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Creative Process & A Sweet Letter of Thanks

It begins with a message in my inbox, "Hi, I am interested in using your luggage tags as a favor for our upcoming wedding."  The bride and I look through numerous fabric swatches until she has found the perfect combination for her theme and colors. It is then that I order fabrics that are uniquely hers. As if using handmade luggage tags is not unique enough, the bride also has the satisfaction of knowing that  no one else will have these fabrics for their wedding. Her luggage tag favors are her very own.

Each piece of fabric is finally delivered to my door and my fun begins. Fabric, ribbon and vinyl are cut and prepped for assembly. This process alone takes days to complete. Then the luggage tags are sewn, trimmed and treated.
Each luggage tag is placed in the box or mailer with care, making sure that the ribbons are straight and that none of the luggage tags is placed in crooked so that each one will be perfect when the bride sees them "in person" for the first time.
I write a small thank you note and place that in the package as well.
Then I hand my package over to the mail carrier.
My work is done

The only thing I know about my work is that it has arrived at it's destination. I know this because I check the tracking number everyday, to make sure that all that handmade goodness has landed safely and is in the hands of it's new owner.
Usually that is the end of the line for me.
Oh, I often get a note of thanks in my inbox.
Once, a bride even emailed me a photo of her luggage tags,
but Michelle...well, she just made my day!
Have a look at this sweet note from one of my brides this year.
Thank you Michelle!

Hi Sonja!
Hope you're doing well. I am SO sorry for the delay in sending these photos, but nevertheless I thought you'd love them.

I have to say - the luggage tags were such an amazing, unique, and memorable part of our wedding (says everyone!!). People really loved them and thought it was such a fun idea especially given that we met at an airport and love to travel. The fabrics went over really well too.

We staggered them so nothing would overlap, and it looked great. We placed mini cardboard Paris-themed "suitcases" from Michael's in the corners of the table. We also had the sign in book on the table and also a cute sign / poem that I wrote to help "explain":

We never could have imagined meeting at a JFK airport gate,
At least we know for sure that our love was meant by fate.
So next time you pack your bags and head out on your way,
Take this luggage tag along and remember our special day.

So you know, in case you want to share the idea with anyone else, we gave a luggage tag to each guest - not just one per couple. We "bound" tags together with a small ribbon for couple and families. We printed business card sized inserts with the name and table formally on the front. But then...on the back of each card, we printed the person's name in block print and left lines for address, phone #, and email (like on a real luggage tag!) so that they could easily use it for travel afterwards.

Also, we've used the tags many times now on various travels - and they have held up great. Thank you again so much for everything! Please feel free to use these photos as you see fit.

All the best,

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