Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Maple Hill Farm

Who knew that such wonderful fall flavors came in manila envelopes padded with bubble wrap?
The smell of cinnamon and brown sugar escaped from the package as soon as it was unsealed and from that package, I pulled these yummies!

These beautiful and flavorful items are from
The "Pumpkin Brulee" is amazing! I adore the rich cinnamon scent and the feeling of the soap is solid and firm. This is handmade at it's best! The clay in this soap is great for oily skin while the various natural oils and butters help to keep your skin hydrated. It is absolutely perfect for my skin type.  And the ingredients are all natural.
Saponified Grade A Olive Oil 
Coconut Oil
Organic Palm Oil
Pumpkin Puree
Unrefined Shea Butter
Organic Cocoa Butter
Half-and-Half Cream
Pumkin Seed Oil
Raw Honey
French Red Clay
The second soap is "Brown Sugar". Again, it is solid and is great for a moisturizing bar. The scent is light, not overpowering.
The ingredients listed on the wrapper are:
Saponofied Grade A Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Organic Palm Oil
Unrefined Shea Butter
Organic Cocoa Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Brown Sugar
Organic Oatmeal
In the midst of all this fall lovliness, Lynn tucked in a sweet surprise for me. Lemon Meringue Lip Balm!
I have tried MANY MANY home made lip glosses and balms.
Some were grainy and loose - even wet.
Using them was like putting sugary oil on my lips, which would have been great if I had wanted to exfoliate my chapped lips.
Others were too waxy and did not leave my lips feeling moistened, just covered.
This lip balm has just the right consistency. There is nothing grainy about the texture. The stick is firm but the goes on smoothly and my lips feel moist not coated.
Oh, and the smell is "HEAVENLY"!
Lynn, at Maple Hill Farm did not pay me to write this review. I just enjoyed her products so much that I wanted to share with you.
After I wrote up the review, I stopped by her shop to let here know that I had
"shared her products with the world".
Upon doing so, I learned that Lynn lost her house and her business to a fire.
Please, pray for her as she rebuilds and when she gets back on her feet and is able to rebuild, please, consider supporting her business.
I am sure she would appreciate it.
Thanks ~ Sonja

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