Friday, May 31, 2013

The Glitz and Glam of Hollywood - Day 2

Oh, I just love the retro look of Disney's Hollywood Studios! Check out that bright turquoise building behind Mickey. The silver chrome and straight lines. You can almost hear Sinatra crooning as you step onto main street.
Speaking of Main Street, I stopped Kayla long enough for a little photo op in front of the giant magicians hat and mouse ears. She was more than a little miffed at me for making her pose for a picture. There was a list a mile long of things she "had to see and do" here.
The last time we came, Kayla was so young (maybe 6 or 7) that she did not remember a thing about this park. Oh my soul, the shows here are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Our Indiana Jones show was cut short because one of the stuntmen fell from one of the 2 story buildings. That was not so cool. For a long time we just wondered around with an irksome feeling in our bellies. It was a really bad fall and not a fun thing to witness. As it turned out, the injuries were not life threatening. Whew! We still would prefer not to ever see that again!

We stopped at Pizza Planet, but only for a photo this time. The past two times we came to Disney we just had to eat here, so Kayla asked for this picture, because it was a "tradition".
 She makes me smile!

The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow was one attraction we were so excited to see for the first time. It's brand new to Hollywood Studios.
Look at the larger than life artwork on the building's exterior!
And that is about all that is exciting about this whole adventure. Seriously, we were held in one crowded little room only to move into another crowded little room. Both were dark.
We watched a little video of Captain Jack Sparrow and there were some special effects lighting and then the show was over.
The props and setup of the room were pretty cool but this one...
well, we will probably skip it next time.

...and then there's Belle.
 Beauty and the Beast is Kayla's favorite Disney movie to this day. In fact, we looked all over every park for the perfect Belle pin for Kayla's lanyard. She couldn't find one that she really loved.
I think she finally found Lumiere and Cogsworth.
It was a happy compromise.
And the show?
Love Love Love
As I said earlier, Disney knows how to do musicals!
The costumes
The lighting
The music
The characters
Every Time!
And last of all, I have to tell you about Andy's playroom.
I love the Scrabble Board and the Little Green Men above the camera depot across the street! 
Isn't it the coolest?
 Anyway, back to Andy's room...
We waited in line forever to get on this ride. As it turns out, the ride was having technical difficulties. We considered turning around and leaving, but we stuck it out.
Wish we could have figured out a way to put Mr. Potato Head into this box!
The line for this ride loops it's way through giant Tinkertoys, Candy Land boards and game pieces, and
Barrels of Monkeys.  Towards the end of the line is a rather large Mr. Potato Head who tells jokes and entertains all the riders while they wait. At one point, Mr Potato Head said," What do I have ta do ta make ya laugh? Pull out my ear?"
His mechanical arm reached up and pulled out his right ear...
and promptly threw it onto the floor.
A ride attendant had to come out and put his ear back on.
Mr. Potato Head went right back to his jokes.
Still we were waiting.
Still Mr Potato Head told his jokes - the same ones over and over and over.
Still he would ask his question.
Still he would through his ear on the floor.
Children began to raise their arms in the air and say, "NOOOoooooo"
Mr. Potato Head didn't listen.
Down to the floor went his ear again.
And again, out came the ride attendant to repair Mr Potato Head.
The crowd cheered.
The ride attendant bowed and walked out a side door. 
Now that!
That was funny!
Anyway, we survived the line and finally got on the ride and we were so very glad we waited.
The ride takes you into an arcade and ....well, it was such great fun. I don't want to give away all the secrets. Had we not already endured enough time with Mr. Potato Head, I think we would have gotten back in line to ride this one again.
Any's Room is a great addition to the park.
 Oh, we had a blast here at Hollywood Studios and ended our day with Fantasmic.
Truly Disney's best fireworks display.
The villains try to take over Mickey's Dream
but he clearly is not going to give into them.
"This is my dream.
I control how it ends!"





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