Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Magical Vacation _ Day 1

Where did you go on your senior trip? A cruise? Paris? Ireland? Washington DC?

Kayla chose to take her senior trip at
Disney World!

We spent our first day at Magic Kingdom. This park really is set up nicely for the very young children, but it is just as magical for our older children as well.
Kayla had been reading about Disney's new Fantasyland.  The new Snow White ride was not yet completed but we were able to enjoy a few of the new attractions in the area.
We visited Belle in her library. Quite by accident actually. We walked into her fathers quaint little cottage and a magical mirror transported us to the Beast's castle.
Children from our small audience helped Belle tell her story.
We really enjoyed our visit.

No trip to Magic Kingdom would be complete without a taking a spin in the tea cups. This silly mad hatter was having a good laugh at me while she spun our tea cup faster and faster. It was awfully hard to get pictures when my head was swaying back and forth. :0)

Now for a confession. This was our third trip to Disney World but it was the first time we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean. The last time we visited the ride was still original and did not feature the characters from the movie. But now...Jack Sparrow taunts us from the Black Pearl and then sits atop his pile of gold. Arrrgh!

We stopped for lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace. The view of the castle is fantastic from the deck of this restaurant. We found out that you can make advance reservations to view the fireworks during the dinner hours.

The wait times were not too terribly bad in the earlier morning hours and then right after lunch. But oh boy how they picked up around 2:00 - 3:00. I guess the little ones had all gotten their naps and Mommies and Daddies were ready to take them out again.
This Little Mermaid ride was adorable. The underwater scenes were so well done and the animatronics were amazing.

The Laugh Floor is a new feature in the Tommorrowland area of Magic Kingdom. We had a great time sitting and enjoying the show...and the air conditioning. According to Sully, I can burp the alphabet! Ha! Yes, I got caught on the audience cams but I did not demonstrate my proverbial talent for the crowd.

At the end of the day, we packed ourselves in like sardines right smack dab in front of Cinderella's castle. Remember I told you earlier about reserving a spot for the fireworks show. Yeah, it would definitely be money well spent. Don't get me wrong. We very much enjoyed the fireworks display. No body does it like Disney!
But the crowds are overbearing in some areas.
is one of those areas.
Still is was a magical day.
We did not stand in any character greeting lines, so we rode every single ride in the park.
We enjoyed spending time with our daughter and reminiscing about days gone by.


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