Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankfulness Day 4

C - I am thankful for Daddy. I like it when he's at home.
D - I am thankful for blankets because it was cold outside.
K - I am thankful for the children's home because the house parents help to take care of children who do not have as much as I do.
B - I am thankful for my morning cup of coffee.
Me - I am thankful for the neighborhood that we live in. It is a true blessing to pillow our heads at night and feel safe. Many people around the world do not have that luxury.
The Hubby - (Yes, he is actually home this morning! YAY!) I am thankful for my family because they are awesome.

On a different note. My two youngest crazies decided to camp out in the back yard last night. Yes, it was a cool 42 degrees. Yes, they had way too many blankets. Yes, they slept all night. Yes, they had hot chocolate first thing this morning.

Crazy kids!

                                         Helping Daddy Put Up The Tent!


                                                         6:30am I Hear Voices


                   6:45am D and C decided to climb out of their piles of blankets   


               6:50 The Cozy Campers Have Hot Chocolate to Warm Their insides  


               Yes, they have officially declared the night was, “AWESOME!!!”    

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