Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pants On The Ground

...not at this house. My girls have been asking for weeks, if I would make belts for them. Finally, I put down all my other sewing and worked for my kiddos for a change.

We sat down and looked through page after page of fabrics until each had chosen her favorites. Then, when the time came I sat down and sewed some belts for my babies!!!

The end result?(no pun intended)

"No Pants On The Ground, cause we got belts!"


Laurel said...

Nice! Love the patterns - I bet they'd sell just fine in your shop.

Pam said...

Love the way the belts are double sided, with matching fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Did you use a pattern? My little one has been asking for a belt for a while now, too.

Very Verdant said...


I do not use patterns very often. The making of this little set of belts came straight out of my noggin.

Do you think people would be interested in a tutorial? I may come back and do one in a few days.

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