Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Visit With The Orthopedic

This is not exactly where Brooke wanted to be only two months away from beginning her senior year of high school, but here she is.

She has had a pain in her elbow for two months now and her coach finally told her, "No more swimming until you get that elbow looked at." So here we sit...waiting.

Brooke has researched elbow pain and decided that nothing is torn or broken, only sprained. The doctor confirmed what she thought and yes, Brooke was pretty proud of herself.

The only bad news is that she can not swim for an entire month. Good news is, she gets to wear a sling and get out of a few household chores.

Ok, the getting out of chores part is good but why is wearing a sling good news? Because my 17 year old daughter asked me if I would please make a sling for her so she did not have to wear a hideously ugly one for a month. (Interject proud mommy smile here!!!)

I Love My Kids!!!!



Shelley said...

My oldest daughter was a swimmer too! She swam breaststroke. Sounds like your swimmer has epicondylitis? Can't wait to see her new sling! Hope she's back in the water soon :)

Very Verdant said...

I guess I should have included the diagnosis. Actually, Brooke does not have epicondylitis(tennis elbow). Instead, she has triceps tendonitis. The pain is above and below the elbow not along the sides of the elbow. There is a risk of causing the tendon to burst.

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