Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My New Toy

Actually, It is not so new. My husband gave me this cell phone for Mother's Day and I wanted to wait a while before writing about it. This is my first experience with a "smart" phone and I was really not sure how much I would love it, but love it I do.

This is Peggy she is a Samsung Fascinate. She has her own lovely coat with cherry blossoms. We got her coat at a real bargain price of $3.95 by shopping at

But where did she get that lovely jewelry? Glad you asked.

I actually won this cell phone charm from Cell Chic. I love the slogan - Personality and Style for your Cell Phone

Cute isn't it?
Anyway, thanks so much, Mark, for my new friend Peggy and her lovely jacket. And Thank you Cell Chic for hosting the wonderful giveaway. Peggy loves her bling.
Please, note that I was not compensated in anyway by Verizon or Samsung. I just love my phone and wanted to share.

Cell Chic and her awesome products can be found at
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Donna Huebsch said...

Thanks for mentioning Cell Chic - that's a cool new phone you have!

Brooke said...

I thought my hubby was out of his mind (or out of common sense!) when he brought home an iphone for me for mother's day last year. I'm so not a gadget girl. However, I now wonder how I ever lived without it! Funny how quickly we become accustomed to such things. Guess I'm more of a gadget girl than I thought. Or at least a girl who loves her instant access to email!

I enjoyed my visit to your sweet blog today. I am a homeschool mom too and I love to quilt! Your writing about raising boys in a house of girls is a treasure. :)

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