Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow"fakes" In Alabama

Every year for Christmas we put up our tree, hang our stockings, carefully - even reverently - place chocolates in our handmade advent calendar and cut our own snowflakes. Or should I say snowfakes?

Snow is a rare occasion in deep south Alabama. The closest thing we usually get is a little sleet; but yesterday, as we cut mounds of snowflakes from copy paper, the real white stuff was drifting around outside Mom's window. Needless to say the younger kiddos abandoned the paper for the cold outdoors.

So Mom, my sister, my two oldest daughters and I took up the fun and tedious task. We giggled and shared stories as we compared our snowflakes. Some turned out perfect, some turned out a little odd and some turned out plain ugly...It was wonderful.

It was one of Mom's bad days. She was tired and in quite a bit of pain, so she slept most of the day. But for a little while she sat with us...we were the SnowFake Bunch... armed with scissors and paper, laughing at each others stories, and enjoying each others company.



Ros Horton said...

Sooo precious! These are the kind of moments you want to hold in your heart forever.

storybeader said...

glad you all had some time together. Sounds fun {:-D

Splendid Little Stars said...

aawww...that sounds like so much fun! Even though she was in pain, I'm sure it helped to cheer your mother, even if only deep within.

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