Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back Entry In My Journal

I tell you, being a mom definitely has it's ups and downs. How thankful I am for the ups! How much I have learned from the downs!

This is a journal entry from 3 years ago. I thought you might like a glimpse into our everyday life.

....August ___, 2006
We had a drainage problem in the kitchen sink yesterday that was a bit puzzling to me. Water just would not go down. B_____, now 12, had helped make spaghetti for lunch so I immediately assumed that she had drained the hamburger meat into the drain instead of into a grease canister to be disposed of after it cooled. Well, home-EC is sometimes a "learn as you go" class, so I showed her how to pour boiling water down the drain to cause the grease to go on down. Brooke learned that animal fat can clog your drain as well as your arteries (had to work in a little health lesson), but our problem was not yet solved. The drain was now working, but water was only leaking slowly from our sink. So I continued pouring pot after pot of boiling water down the drain for the rest of the day.

Enter Daddy..."Sonja, is there something wrong with the drain?"

"Uh, Yes... I have put four tea pots full of boiling water down that drain and the water still moves so slowly." At this point I was apologizing for not watching more carefully while B_____ was making lunch...Ugh...Anyway Mark has been doing a few repairs around the house lately and, since they have been successful, he decided to play plumber and took the piping under my sink all to pieces.

"Honey, I think I found the problem. -Pause- Make sure when the children finish their supper they do a better job cleaning off their plates. We have about a bowl full of rice in here..."

(left over from supper the night before last... 8-)

"...but I think this is the real problem...Come...Look..."

There he stood, a little wet and smiling largely, holding three paint brushes and a straw...

(leftovers from art class)


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Cheryl said...

oh my! you'll have to bring that out when you get your first complaint of "you wouldn't believe what the kids did now" about your grandkids!

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