Friday, August 29, 2008

Annie was right...

"Yesterday was plain awful!
You can say that again.
Yesterday was plain awful
but that's not now
That's then.

Oh, The sun will come out tomorrow."

Yesterday was CRAZY busy. The children set out to do their school work and, since I had sat up late the night before to make sure everything was in proper order, I assumed that it would be a great day to sew. ...and it was, I just over did it a little.

Maybe you have had one of those days like this. Washer repair guy calls and says he is 30 minutes away from your house, every one of the kiddos needs help with math, you have three sewing projects that you want to get finished today and to top it off, husband comes home late and you have a mandatory teachers meeting at your school at 7:00. AAaaahhh!

Again, it was crazy busy so at some point- I forget just when - we put everything aside for a couple hours and watched a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. Just like the song, the sun was shining again and my cloudy, chaotic, overly busy day turned into a peaceful, satisfying, and sunshiny day. Is it not true that attitude is everything? I was able to enjoy the day at home with my beautiful children, my husband did come home (and with groceries), my washing machine works now and I finished the three sewing projects. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

One of the projecst I finished yesterday was this pair of Pajama pants. I will be listing them in my Etsy shop and on my website. They turned out nicely I think. The mustard, chocolate, olive, and plum colors are perfect for fall. Next week I hope to embellish a t-shirt to match and I promise that I will not make it one of three or four projects to be done in one day.

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