Saturday, August 30, 2008

All For Me

This week I did something that is rare for me. I purchased something for myself. This cute little ring is made by Polly at FaraField. I window shop at ETSY all the time but this little ring had to be mine. This ring is made of sterling silver wire wrapped around chalcedony. I do not honestly know what that is but it is clear, blue and beautiful and ---mine---.

The weather is warm - OK - hot here in the deep south and the colors in this ring say snow and cooler weather. When I first saw it I wanted to pull out my sweaters. Funny thing is, if I had found this ring in March or April I would have instantly thought of beaches and warmer weather. I think this will be a piece of jewelry that I will wear year round, if my 13 year old is not borrowing it.

Thanks Polly For making it for me.

Photo is used by permission.

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