Friday, July 4, 2008

All Right, Back To Work

Is it the summer heat or the relaxed vacation atmosphere that surrounds the summer months that causes a deep lathargy? I really am not sure but I do know that I have not had much desire to sew or create new things for at least a month. I should probably take into consideration that during the summer months my schedule is bombarded with activities that allow for little to no time for myself. With four children, busy"ness" is to be expected; and please do not think for a minute that I am complaining, because that is just not the case. I just said all that to say this. My business has taken a rest while my family life has taken over. Awesome huh?

A few blogs ago, I posted pictures of fabric and pattern and notions for a bridesmaids dress. I am happy to report that it is now complete. I have enjoyed getting to know the girl while working on her dress and am looking forward to having lunch with her on Monday when we (my two youngest and I) deliver the completed dress on Monday.

As for the creativity, I dropped off my two oldest at church this morning. They are on their way to a week long missions trip I think my thoughts have been so acutely directed to this overseas trip that I have had little mental capacity for much else. I am so excited that they are able to have this opportunity. When they left on the "Big Yellow Cheese Wagon" headed for the airport, I felt such a sense of relief that I am sure I will finally be able to think on other things.

So, I can almost hear my pile of fabric calling, "All Right, Back To Work".


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