Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Current Projects

These are my current projects.
The first will be a sack pack for the daughter of a friend of mine. The paisley fabric by Micheal Miller is to be the outside of the bag while the coordinating stripe will be the lining. I am working with Simply Unique Gifts in Ozark to monogram a bold "M" on the front of the sack pack. We will do this by using the lining fabric to make a block letter which will be outlined with turquois embroidery. I can not wait to see the finished product. Yes, I promise to share pictures.

The second, current project, is a brides maids dress for a friend of mine who lives in Montgomery. This project is not due until June but I always look forward to fittings, and conversations and more fittings and visiting and... this sounds nothing like work. Hm, isn't life good?

Enough said, I need to go get some rest so I can work tomorrow and not be a complete grump around my beautiful husband and kiddos.


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