Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who Knew

As it turns out, I was coming down with something...only it was not spring fever it was the flu. Yes, two days before my first craft fair and two of my children and I are overtaken by the flu. No, that is no exaggeration. Overtaken is actually the only word that fits. We feel horrible and I am so sad. I really hate it when my children get sick.

On the bright side, Monster Bug Blankets has taken it upon herself to do the whole craft fair thing by herself. Yes, she truly is a dear. So if you are in Enterprise and visiting the Piny Woods Arts Festival, stop by her booth. She has the greatest little fishy play blankets and other adorable baby items like burp cloths and summer blankets and ...well go see for yourself.

Also in her booth will be pictures from Becka Gator a photographer with a keen eye for the simple things in life. I am especially fond of her dragonfly pictures and flora pictures.

Anyway, I am having trouble putting my thoughts together. I should probably go rest. I do not want to overdo it. You know how it is? Mommy does not get sick days. 8-)


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