Friday, February 15, 2008

Too Tired For Pictures

What a crazy week. Tuesday I noticed a leak from the release valve in our water heater. Dad said he would repair it for us...He's Awesome like that...

Later Tuesday, Horton Honey told me about advertising on myspace so I got right to work on it for myself. On the very first day I was contacted about craft fair aprons. How cool is that? Way... right? Then, Wednesday, as we were messaging about details, my computer monitor went out. Dear husband called Dell and it turns out we had three days left on our warranty. God is good. The new monitor was delivered today and is working quite nicely.

Thursday, we took the older children to Montgomery for a field trip. We saw Romeo and Juliet at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. It was a great trip for all of us. Afterward we went to my parents house and had supper with them while my husband e-filed their taxes...cause HE'S awesome too.

Today, I have manned the chair at the end of our dining table and sewn until I just need a break. I was able to complete 12 pouches and have 6 more to go then ... On To Other Things. Dad came by and repaired the water heater and my husband ran errands and made phone calls, took our oldest shopping and to get allergy shots, cleaned our computer,went grociery shopping and...some other things but I am wiped out thinking about it all.

What about the craft fair apron? Paisley and Polka dots, and I were able to work out the rest of the details this afternoon and I will deliver it on Monday... if nothing else breaks or falls apart, that is. Maybe then, I will also post pictures. Right now, I just want to crawl into bed beside the wonderful husband and fall asleep.

Good night to all.


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