Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Greatest Little Quilt Shop in the South

This is my absolute favorite get away spot. The store owner, Melanie is a very talented quilter whom I met 11 years ago while working at Golden Corral. She and I worked together, I to pay bills, for baby number two, and she to save money to start her own quilt shop.

Melanie would very often bring in some of her latest creations, quilt tops, smocked pieces, and such. Once she brought a gorgeous pinafore and dress pattern for me to use for my daughters.

It is so very neat to see her dream realized. Her shop is in a beautiful little old house that is so warm and inviting. Inside, she has surrounded herself and those of us who love to shop there, with beautiful fabrics and many of her own creations.

The only thing missing from the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe is a cookie and coffee counter. What a great combination that would be,not at all practical, but great just the same. I can just see small tables set up in various rooms and inspiration hanging all around. Yes, this would be my dream come true.

So, if you are ever in our little town of Ozark located in Southern Alabama, stop by and say hello to Melanie and her friendly staff. Look around, enjoy your stay, and tell her Sonja sent you.

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