Monday, February 10, 2014

A Work In Progress

My son came to me a few weeks ago and asked me for a very specific gift for a very special person. He had noticed that this very special person carried a wristlet with her everywhere she went, and he wanted to buy her a new one because, "Hers is looking a little rough."
  --- I love that he pays attention to details. ---
He gave me several specifics and money to cover the costs of all the supplies and a new pattern.
I had to let him help me choose the pattern because
 - like I said -
He had some very specific ideas.
Mom, she needs a pocket for her phone, a window for her I.D. and several slots for cards.
AND it wouldn't hurt to have a pocket for cash and a place for keys.
No pressure son!

I was a little nervous because this is a new project for me.
Then I was a LOT nervous because there are so many pieces.
So here are all the pieces cut out and ready to sew.
Updates coming on Wednesday.

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