Friday, November 22, 2013

The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

We were Hunger Games ready last night as the popcorn was popping and screens were being prepped. There was a major feeling of excitement in the air.
Our oldest two are theatre managers so they did not get to watch the movie with us but the owner was kind enough to give free passes to our youngest two and myself to see Hunger Games at the sold out opening screening!!!! We were so thankful and SO EXCITED!
Christianna and I worked on her Katniss braid until it was nearly perfect for game day. She was thrilled when a few girls at the theatre got all excited and exclaimed, "Look, she's Katniss" as she walked by. Then later the same girls said, " See, there she is. She looks just like Katniss."
Mission Accomplished!
(The mommy person pats herself on the back)
I will not give away any secrets except to say that Catching Fire was quite a bit more intense than I thought it would be.
A few things that I took away from the movie:
Baboons are Bad.
When the fog rolls in you should run.
The odds are never in our favor.
Hope is greater than fear.
Remember who the real enemy is.
Enjoy the Games!!!

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