Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing Adventures at Animal Kingdom - Day 4

That is all...

Everything here just moves at a slower pace and the scenery is so peaceful.
The center of the park is the Tree of Life.
I still enjoy looking at all of the animals "carved" out in its root system.
There is a winding path through every root and at its center is a 4D theater where you can experience
"It's Tough to be a Bug"

Note to parents of small children:
This show is better kept for later years. Kayla was so traumatized by this show when she was little that she really did not want to watch it at this visit. And she's 17 now!
Once again, kids were wailing through out the whole show. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT! Spiders drop from the ceiling, stink bugs "spray" the audience, and spiders spit in your face...all in an attempt to exterminate the humans!
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Unless you are a little human,
in which case, it's just scary.
True to Disney form
Festival of the Lion King is a truly magical musical
with Olympic quality gymnasts and Broadway worthy singers.
For some reason we had never stopped in to experience this show. When we sat down in the arena and the music began, we were more than pleasantly surprised.
I look forward to seeing this show again.
In the midst of all of the quiet and tranquility that is Animal Kingdom stands
Expedition Everest.
Beautiful, peaceful, safe on the outside -
Adventure on the inside!
The innocent looking mining car takes you up up up into the mountain and right into bigfoots lair. The giant yeti has ripped of part of the track, so your car rushes backwards back into the mountain the shoots you out and into the sunlight.
Yeah, I have no idea what that's like, but I enjoyed hearing Kayla and Mark tell me all about it!
They road Expedition Everest several times this day
which means it was really awesome!
This was our first time seeing
Finding Nemo
the Musical
Oh, please, please, please, don't miss this show.
It is so very sweet and just as good as, 
or maybe even better than,
the movie.
And that is saying a lot because
Finding Nemo
is one of our all time favorite Disney movies.
I think Dinosaur and the safari may have been the only two rides that I actually ventured to try.
Yes, I am a wee bit chicken when it comes to rides...
no wait, I rode the kiddie ride - I mean small roller coaster -
called Primeval Whirl.
It's similar to a little carnival ride that comes to the county fair every year,
so I knew I could handle it.
And the refresher's for the long hot day?
Burgers at Restaurantosaurus.
And a couple super wet trips down the Kali River Rapids.

It was a beautiful day, slightly overcast, with a fantastic little breeze.
What a way to spend a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

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