Friday, November 23, 2012

Give Your Turkey A T-shirt

No, seiously. Give the turkey a t-shirt!

I can not tell you, how many times I have begun to cook a holiday meal, only to realize that I had failed to purchase ONE important ingrediant. Grrr...

I absolutely refuse to go back to the store to pick up said item. I refuse and refuse, until finally I cave and talk my sweet husband into running the errand for me.

Thank you "hunny"!

This year however, I had been told the night before, "Now make sure, you have everything you need for Thanksgiving. I AM NOT going to the store Thanksgiving morning." So, a list was made and items purchased; and, of course, I forgot one important item... aluminum foil! 


In my early morning drowsy mind a memory seeped in like gravy over a pile of cornbread dressing. On my first visit to meet Mark's family, I had noticed a strange anomily being lifted from his grandmothers stove. I was not sure why her turkey looked like a foul covered in grave clothes, but it did. I asked, "Mark, what on earth is that?" "Oh," he replied, "it's a tshirt. Grandma always cooks her turkey in a tshirt." He smiled broadly at the doubtful expression on my face. Sure enough, that turkey was dressed in a t-shirt. I gracefully turned down a slice that day. I could not believe what I saw.

I filed the shirt memory away, deep in the recesses of my mind. Actually, it was more like I buried it there, hoping to never remember it again. Then, on Thanksgiving morning, 2012, I found myself standing in my own kitchen, staring at a spiced and stuffed turkey and grasping one of my husbands clean white t-shirts in my hand.

Common, don't judge me! I was desparate! OK?!?

I wasn't really sure how to proceed, but it seemed like I remembered hearing that Grandma Swanson had soaked her t-shirts in vegetable oil. So, I melted a stick of butter and poured in 1/4 cup vegetable oil and soaked my t-shirt. Then I proceeded to dress my turkey - literally. Every half hour to 45 minutes, I pour the drippings from the pan over the turkey to keep the tshirt moist, hoping to also keep my turkey moist. Four hours later, his little done button popped out and it was time for the great reveal.

I had to immediately cut the tshirt away. I was so anxious, but look how golden brown and crispy. It was beautiful. I did not even need to remove the covering 30 minutes before cooking time was over, as I usually do with foil. Golden brown is gorgeous!  After 30 minutes of cooling, it was time to carve the turkey. I wondered how dry it would be, but I was pleasantly surprised, again. The meat was so moist and Thanksgiving dinner had been saved...

By a T-shirt! 

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