Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Birthday Giveaway - Week 3

Thank you for stopping by.
This giveaway is now closed!
The week 3 Birthday Giveaway Winner is
Lisa, who said,
"Love these and I need one!"
And here they are, week three giveaway prizes.
These zipper pouches are perfect for holding your cosmetics or
those tiny objects that you hate digging around the bottom of your purse for...
you all know what I'm talking about!

So get organized with style!
These pouches are around 8 inches wide by 5 inches tall
unless otherwise indicated.

From bottom left to top right

1.) London Favorites/Houndstooth
2.) Paris Postage Stamps/Blue Chevron
3.) Gray Metro Mod/Fuschia Fountains
4.) Passport to Paris/Plum Pretty
5.) Aqua Aviary/Orange Damask

From bottom left to top right

6.) Love Letters/Taupe Hounstooth(small 7 in x 4 in)
7.) Golden Pink Flourish/Dandelion Fields(small 7 in x 4 in)
8.) State Names/Red Chevron
9.) Coral Ironworks/Keys to the Secret Garden
10.) Gray Dots/Yellow Damask


Lisa said...

Love these and I NEED one!

Amanda said...

I need one of these...I am always digging for the little things :)

susanelizabeth31 - Pretty Little Angel Eyes said...

These are cute!! I would definitely use it if chosen.
susanelizabeth31 [at] gmail [dot] com

KarenW said...

Happy Birthday! Love your zipper pouches. I'm always saying that I need some of those to keep my purse organized.

Phaedra Jean Taylor said...

Love these!! Saw you on the Castteam thread and came over to see what you had going on! Love it.

Lona said...

So cute! Thanks for this generous giveaway! (And happy b-day!)

lonainmi at yahoo dot com

hueisei said...

Happy Birthday! I'm coming from FB post. Wow! Lovely zippered pouch especially the Gray Metro Mod/Fuschia Fountains

ZudaGay said...

They are adorable!!

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