Thursday, April 19, 2012

Her Senior Year Adventure

So the husband and I rented a car and drove our oldest
~~~~~~~ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2,512 miles later,

We are home


our Brooke was able to see almost everything on her wish list.

Being the perfect example of a homeschooling mom and never making mistakes -

You do realize that's the truth about us right? -


I left my camera at home!

I know!!!!

As my adorable nephew, Jarrett, would say "My brain is broken."

I ended up snapping photos of DC, Philadelphia and New York with my cell phone.

Can you believe it?

My Cell Phone!


But what really counts is that Mark and I spent great quality time with Brooke.

Time we would not trade for anything else in the world.

Time to take a peak into the thoughts of our now young woman.

Time to revel in all that Brooke has become.

Time that we will always cherish.

1 comment:

luvncrafts said...

Fun trip! I am glad she was able to see almost everything on her list! OH NO on the camera!! But those shots are GREAT. Would never have known they were taken on a cell phone.

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