Thursday, January 26, 2012

Owl Birthday Party Invitations

Yes, our youngest is turning 10 and she has requested an OWL birthday party. Immediately I hit up Pinterest and found These Lovely Invites.

As fate would have it, the DIY owl invites are printable and I really wanted a "handmade" look. I'm just insane that way.

Fortunately, Mammaw was here yesterday. I showed her the printable version and she went right to work, tracing and cutting and gluing. After a few hours(and many pieces of scrapbooking paper), she, Christianna and I had turned out 10 of these adorable owl's.

Oh My soul!!! These little gals are just the cutest ever!

Now for cake and decorations!

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Lacey said...

those are so sweet! Whooo doesn't love an owl or two?!

Shelley said...

They are darling! I adore owls! :)

Frazzled Mom of Five said...

Love these owl invites! Cannot wait to make them for my 3-yr-old, she loves owls (she just may have gotten that love affair from her mama)!
New Follower over from Design Dazzle!
~Jen @ said...

Totally adorable! Thanks for linking at our party!

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