Friday, December 2, 2011

Let The Decorating Begin



This year we have opted for a simple Christmas. But there are a few things that we just can not do without.


The cradle under the tree…


To remind us that God gave to us, his most precious gift. On Christmas morning the children wake to find “baby” Jesus in the cradle.

Do you love my polish pottery? These few pieces were given to me by some of my military friends. I set these out each year at Christmas time to remind me to pray for those who are serving our country instead of spending their Christmas at home with their families.

The Advent Calendar…


My mom made this one for the kids several years ago and we look forward to counting down Christmas each year. Yes, we hung it from clothes line attached to the wings of our Radio Flyer. I love the nostalgia in this little set up. Of course, the kids just  love finding the little gifts tucked away in the tiny pockets.  Why oh why must they grow up so fast?



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