Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, The Ten Year Anniversary

I am sure, like us, you remember where you were when the attacks happened. I was thinking for months now that when the anniversary rolled around, I would not dwell on it.

But I can not help it. Last night, we stayed up watching documentaries and even after 10 years, the tears flowed and my stomach was sick with nausea at the footage of that day.

One of the documentaries I watched last night was on TLC. It focused on the families of those people on flight 157. A few of these families were not only on the phone with their loved ones at the time the plane hit the building, but they were also watching it on live TV. One of the moms said something like, "Every time I see those clips, I see it all over again. Every time, I am watching my son die."

How wrong was I?

We should never forget what happened on that day.
We should never forget those who lost their lives.
We should never forget, because none of us are promised tomorrow.
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