Sunday, July 17, 2011

L.I.F.E. - It's Not Just A Game, it's a little insight into the minds of our children.

While playing Milton Bradley's Game Of Life, my nine year old had just finished her turn and began counting out a little stash of money that she had set aside. After each turn she had taken a small amount of money and added it to her savings pile. Suddenly there was an urgency in her voice.

C needed it to be her next turn.

C had a plan.

"Is it my turn? Is it my turn?"

"Yes, C, it is your turn."


Then, with a spin of the wheel and frantic shuffling of multicolored "real life" money, C payed the banker, threw her arms up in the air and gave a joyous yell..."I'm debt free-e-e-eee!!!!!"

Thanks, Dave Ramsey.



Graceful Moments said...

Teach your children well....sounds like you are!

Lacey said...

that is awesome! what a beautiful thing for you kids to understand!

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