Thursday, July 7, 2011

Americana Decorative Balls



I still see so many people using decorative balls in their living rooms and as centerpieces on their dining room tables, so the kids and I sat down and made these this past weekend. It was a great project for 4th of July. With different fabrics, these would work for numerous occasions.

These balls are super simple to make but they do require drying time. We began these on Saturday and completed them Monday - not that it took all day and night Sunday to dry; we just choose not to work on Sundays as much as possible. The balls were completely dry by Tuesday morning.

Gather your supplies:

~3" Styrofoam Balls     IMG_2151
~Fabric strips
1 3/4" x 35"
~Straight Pins
or Floral Pins

~Liquid Starch
~Mod Podge
High Gloss
~Paint brushes
~News paper
to cover work service
~ Dixie cups to hold balls while drying

To begin, pour liquid starch into bowl and soak the fabric strips.  We did this one at a time to cut down on the mess.


        Now, remove the strip of fabric from the bowl and wring out all excess starch.


                                         Secure one end of fabric strip to the foam ball.


                       Wrap fabric around the ball until the entire piece is used up.


Check to make sure there are no gaps where the foam ball is showing through, then secure the loose end with straight pins.



When all of your balls are completed, walk away. Yes, I know! It’s so hard. But these babies need to dry overnight.

The next morning (after you’ve had your coffee of course), pour a small amount of gloss Mod Podge onto a paper plate.  We used a paper plate because, again, it’s just less messy this way; besides, when the kiddos dip their brushes into the jar of Mod Podge, they tend to swirl it around and that makes ugly bubbles in everyone’s projects. Not Cool!!!


             Brush Mod Podge over the entire surface of the balls. Lay it on thick!


It helps to have a Mammaw around. She and I made sure all the edges of the fabric, were laying flat.


Cut the ends of Dixie Cup off, about an inch from the bottom and use the pieces to dry the finished balls.



                                                                     Now Wait!!!!

                                    Want to know what to do while you wait?

Picnik collage

Have a Water Bomb War (Tutorial for your own water bombs HERE). Grill a platter full of food. Play Mexican Train. Wrap your little sister in glow bracelets so she can do her own techno dance in the dark.


Allow the balls to dry over night and you’re done! You will have a great center piece for your next family get together.



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Suzy said...

What a great idea! My granddaughters would love to do this. I think it would be good for kids of all ages - including me! Thanks for sharing.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

What is nice about this, is you can do it with any fabric you'd like. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing. I love it!

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

Ticia said...

I love the picture of all the balls drying. What a great idea. Thanks for linking to Fun in the Summer Fun crafts.

no spring chicken said...

What fun! It looked like Easter with a patriotic twist. Instead of sitting around decorating Easter eggs, this season it's patriotic balls... Love it!

Blessings, Debbie

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